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Taking Sertraline for anxiety

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  • Sertraline

I am taking Sertraline for anxiety. I was on 50mg for around 6 weeks and my dosage has just been increased to 100mg.

I was very reluctant to go on them as I did not want to have to rely on them to get better, however with the doctor’s advice I agreed to give it a go. 

When I first started taking them I wanted to straight away stop because one day I would feel like a zombie, spaced out and extremely fatigued (also my pupils were massive), and the next day I would be alert but not in a good way - I would be fidgety, irritable, unable to concentrate or sit still, and unable to sleep at all.

I am giving it a go and waiting it out, but so far I am not too convinced. My anxiety has worsened a lot since I have been on them, my sleep is more disturbed (causing insomnia and restlessness), and my concentration is so bad I am falling behind with my studies. 

My dosage increase has just begun and I feel like a zombie again with extreme tiredness. I am unable to say anything good about it, but that does not mean I might not in the future as I am still in the early days.

One thing I have noticed is that caffeine does not like me since starting Sertraline so I am cutting my intake. I also quit smoking and alcohol before I started on the meds. However I also take Hypothyroidism so not all my symptoms may be side effects to Sertraline as some could possibly be due to my condition although I put a lot down to the Sertraline.

If I had known that all this would occur then I may have had second thoughts as my studies are being affected. However I have been put on them for a reason and the willingness to try is just as important as any help given. 

Kelly, 23