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Taking Medikinet to treat ADHD

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Taking Medikinet to treat ADHD

They were giving me medication for either ADD or ADHD – I don’t remember which.

My mum thought I should see my GP, and see if they had a diagnosis for it. I think that’s when I got referred to CAMHS.

In the beginning, the medication I was taking – and the medication I am still taking – was Medikinet.

From my first person view it makes me feel slow (but I’m not) and it helps me focus with my work until I go home.

The problems I was facing when I first started taking the medication, were that I was getting cramps in my stomach which hurt quite a lot.

I don’t actually remember why this was - I think it was because I was taking the medication either too late or too early, and not on a full stomach, which wasn’t the smartest idea to do.