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Medication type:

A modified release tablet

Other names:
  • Circadin ® "SER-ka-din"
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Taking Melatonin, Fluoxetine and Sertraline
I think it’s really important to understand that medications aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ type of thing.

Ways to take and what's in it?

  • Tablets

    2mg strength

  • Tablets

    Melatonin is available as a modified release tablet, which releases the medicine into your body over a few hours.

  • Liquids

    There are other forms available, including liquids and capsules, but they need to be ordered specially by the pharmacist.

Melatonin is a medicine which helps to treat insomnia and problems with sleep. Melatonin helps to reset your sleep pattern, to help your sleep get back in line with day and night

Melatonin is used to help people to sleep better. It helps people to get to sleep more quickly, and to sleep for longer