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Mental health medication and the side effects

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Video: taking mental health medication

When I first got put on medication, it was quite weird. I felt quite zombie-like I suppose. It was unusual to start with, and then as my body got used to it I started to feel back to normal, but for the first couple of months, it wasn’t very good for me. I think my symptoms got a lot worse, and this zombie feeling – I felt really numb.

But it felt good knowing there was something else that would help me get better, as well as therapy and everything else.

When I came off them I had withdrawal symptoms which were terrible, they were awful - I did not expect that. What I went through was horrendous. The symptoms I had were similar to what a heroine addict would have got from going cold turkey.

It would have been nice to have been told that from a doctor and not just ‘We’re going to cut your medication down a bit and come off them’.